Fire Extinguishers Price In Malaysia

Quoted below are fire extinguishers price in malaysia from our list of FLAMMART models. We supply ABC dry powder fire extinguishers of 1KG, 2KG, 4KG, 6KG, 9KG, 25KG, 50KG and 75KG models. And 2KG CO2 fire extinguisher model as well.

Our Prices 

Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Powder & Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Flammart FP1 1KGFlammart FP2 2KGFlammart FP4 4KG
Model No.FP-1FP-2FP-4
MediumABC Dry PowderABC Dry PowderABC Dry Powder
ApplicationsPassenger vehicles, e-hailing car GRAB, MyCar, MULA (etc), boatsCommercial vehicles, boats, homesHome, Industrial & Commercial Applications
Price RM75.00 RM95.00 RM115.00

Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Powder & Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Flammart FP6 6KGFlammart FP9 9KGFlammart CO2 2KG
Model No.FP-6FP-9FC-2C
MediumABC Dry PowderABC Dry PowderCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
ApplicationsHome, Industrial & Commercial ApplicationsHome, Industrial & Commercial ApplicationsElectrical Room, Switch Room, Kitchen
Price RM135.00 RM145.00 RM170.00

Note: Please contact us for prices on 25KG, 50KG and 75KG models.

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