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Fire Extinguisher Recharge / Refill Service

Your fire extinguishers need to be inspected and recharge / refill if:

  • You recently discharged your fire extinguisher
  • Your fire extinguisher is low on pressure

Here at Abode Solutions Sdn. Bhd, we provide a service of fire extinguisher recharge /refill and can help keep your fire extinguishers fully pressurized.


  • Every case is difference. We have to analyse case by case before offering you, our best pricing. Usually it depends on numbers of fire extinguisher to be recharged and also your location.
  • However the general cost is calculated by RM/kg (for dry powder).

If you have any requirements or just need some quick answer to your query, please don’t hesitate to call Sdr. Annuar 017-2292090. We are here to give our best services to you.

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