Buy 1KG ABC Fire Extinguisher For Car, E-Hailing GRAB, MyCar, MULA (etc)

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Flammart FP1 1KG

1KG FLAMMART ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher for Car, E-Hailing GRAB, MyCar, MULA (etc)

Price: RM75.00
Payment: Cash On Delivery
Applications:  Car/Passenger vehicles, e-hailing car GRAB, MyCar, MULA (etc), boats

To buy this 1Kg FLAMMART ABC fire extinguisher for usage on Car/Passenger vehicles or boats, kindly use this Order Form. Or just simply call Annuar 017-2292090 / WhatsApp click here to order your fire extinguisher through phone.

1Kg FLAMMART ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Specifications

Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Powder
Flammart FP1 1KG
Model No.FP-1
MediumABC Dry Powder
TypeStored Pressure
Construction Of ShellSteel
Overall Height330mm
Empty Weight (Approx)1.0kg
Full Weight (Approx)2.0kg
Test Pressure25 bar (at 27°C)
Operating Pressure12 bar (at 27°C)
Temperature Limits-20°C to 60°C
Discharge Time (Approx.)7 Sec.
Effective Range (Approx )3m
Fire Test Rating5A/21B
MS StandardMS1539:
Bracket TypeVehicle Bracket/Wall Hook
ApplicationsPassenger vehicles, e-hailing car GRAB, MyCar, MULA (etc), boats
Model No.FP-1
Flammart FP1 1KG

This 1Kg Flammart dry powder fire extinguisher is suitable to meet the requirement for e-hailing car such as GRAB, MyCar, MULA and etc.

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